MSD 250 lamp issue in Technobeams

jwlillicojwlillico Registered User
edited December 2011 in HES Automated Lighting
I have 4 Technobeams that are circa 1998. The Philips MDS250/2 lamps I installed in them have roughly 300 or so hours on them but the bulbs are 10 years old. I cannot seem to get the fixtures bright light they were when new. I have cleaned them checked all functions and still they just seem a little dim.
Could it be the age of the lamp vs hours?
Any advise?


  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
    edited December 2011
    300 hours is on the downslope of those lamps.
    Especially if there have been lots of lamp strikes.
    Swap the lamps out and see if that fixes it.
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