Modifying the original Trackspot to use LED

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Im excited to buy my first (used) trackspots! A few days after ordering them I see the article about the trackspot Bolt! but even before reading that article, I was dreaming of ways to replace the halogen lamp with a LED. I searched high and low and could not see a suitable led with the right size/lumens until the trackspot bolt gave it away. The CBM-360 by Luminus cost about $160.. and it is a mere 1.5 inches square which seems like it would fit.

So my questions are ..
1) Am I crazy to attempt this?
2) The CBM-360 is rated at 14.4 volts, 6.3 amps, Trackspot bulb was 24v. Ohms Law calculations suggest a difference of only 1.5 ohms resistance so even though I am not an electronics person, it seems it would work?
3) Will it dim correctly?
4) Is there a DC/AC power issue?

Other than that it seems HES left plenty of room in the trackspot bulb compartment for a heatsink, replacement reflector (if necessary), and other LED goodness mods. The goal is to use less power (be able to use more on the same circuit), and eventually replace the heavy power supplies while having better light output and quality

Please someone chime in!


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    I heard a rumor a little bit ago, that Lightparts was working on an LED upgrade for the Trackspot... not sure if they ever got it finished, or put it on the market. I would check with them.

    That said, the Trackspot powers its lamp with a low voltage (24V) AC signal dimmed by SCRs using phase control. It would be possible, but it would be a bit of an engineering hurdle, to create an LED light engine that could easily interface with this power/dimming setup.

    There are off the shelf LED sources that respond to phase control dimming, but usually they're set up for 120V or 12V, and most aren't the high intensity LED type that would be necessary to match the Trackspot's halogen lamps output.

    Not an easy upgrade at the moment unless somebody like Lightparts has already done this engineering.
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