Rig check Keystroke Macro?

Richard HarrisonRichard Harrison Registered User
Hi all

A bit new to macros, is there a way i can write a rig check macro?
I would like @ 30% to trigger desk channel 1 and loop and continue through desk channels then through fixture numbers leaving everything on at 30%.

I can't seem to repeat the macro step when I select "macro" within the command line once I have begun recording the macro it defaults to desk channel. I have tryed the following:

e.g Record Macro 1 "@30% next enter macro 1 enter" Pig Macro

Any help would be ace and bring you good Xmas karma....:notworthy:


  • GordoGordo Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited December 2011
    POSSIBLY...try triggering a cuelist that selects all fixtures/channels then triggers the macro in the comments section
    Delete the first 2 steps of the macro "Recall view/clear"
    The macro could be along the lines of: Next @ 30% GL??
    with list ?? triggering the macro once again

    I'm not sure how you'd stop this cycle...possibly a release all macro...

    However I don't know if this approach would be a great idea for console stability, I'm sure someone wiser could advice on whether this is a good idea or not

  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Staff
    edited December 2011
    Hello, you will get many different ways to achieve this. One way is to make a Scene with all fixtures at 30% and having a delay time on each fixture's Intensity so they come up individually and then stay on. Before recording the Scene have all fixtures selected in the Programmer with Intensity at 30%, press INTENSITY TIME TIME 0 THRU X ENTER, then record the Scene. You can press the DELAY button at the top of the Programmer to see what this actually does to the Delay time.

    If you have 10 fixtures for example and you want one second between them coming up, X above will equal 9 for example. This will create a one second Delay time on the Intensity for each fixture. Record this a Scene 100 for example.

    When the console starts and the show loads, type SCENE 100 ENTER and it will activate the Scene, or make a Macro that plays Scene 100.
  • Richard HarrisonRichard Harrison Registered User
    edited December 2011
    :finger:Thanks heaps for the replies Gordo and Mitch!
    Mitch I will try your example as it sounds exactly what I was after.
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