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After upgrading one of our full boar consoles to Vers 3.2.2 after a system restore using XPE Image 1.8.1 which included Vers 3.2.1 the desk has been very erratic , ist thing noticed was on start up the left touch screen is all fritzed out during the initial stages of the boot up, it does come good later in the process, second thing noticed was the desk will freeze if you try to either save or load a show from / to cd. We have also experienced several total desktop crash's during a show, the operator said he was in the Programmer while he had states running on the playbacks,exactly what he was doing is a bit sketchy....sorry.
all in all it crashed 3 times on him , I have since re installed the XPE Image and upgraded to 3.2.2 and still the Left Screen has this glitch, the operators have also noticed problems trying to load previous shows, and merging Pallets and fixtures seems to not work they tell me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • John PatrickJohn Patrick Registered User
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    Stepped Both our Full Boars back to XPE 1.7.1 and Vers 3.1.9 , screen is now good, CD drive is still an Issue, would say that is hardware related, all the other issues the operators say they had , import shows etc are not an issue anymore
    Will wait till all the issues with 3.2.2 are cleared up.

    Thank You
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    Unfortunately those are not very helpful details on the desktop crash issues with 3.2.2 but we should be able to get more info on the desktop crashes by having the operator send us the dmp files from the logs folder on the console to us here in Austin. This way we can better determine what was causing the crashes.

    As far as the cd drive is concerned you need to realize that sometime the drive is super slow to spin up and the desk might look to go unresponsive during reading or initializing the disk. If you wait it will usually come back to responsive but if you proceed give the desk input it could tangle up the desktop process. If the desktop is disappearing then that is not expected and perhaps there is something more significant wrong with either the drive or the software. Do they have an external USB cd drive to test with?

    What specifically were they having trouble with when trying to load previous shows? Was this simply a problem from the CD drive or was this problematic from USB sticks as well? What was the desk doing during failed show loads? There are a lot of factors that could contribute to a failed show load? Were they running the desks on a network?

    Lastly you mentioned merging Pallets and fixtures seems to not work. I assume they mean that show merging was giving them problems. This can be a tricky thing to do sometimes and without knowing details on what they were experiencing it will be difficult to fix anything moving forward.

    I know the communication from operators is often difficult and I apologize that I need more details before I can provide answers. I promise you though we will work hard to look at everything that comes our way.
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