Bugs/"Novel Features" in Windows 7 V.3.2.2

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1. I can no longer type in a fixture number and just hit the delta button to change/bring it up. Might seem minor, however, it is also buggy like this...say one is selecting desk channels- 1+22+3+14 and then one hits the delta button...all the channels except 14 will be put into the programmer and the change specified by the delta button will apply only to those first 3 fixtures. And therefore if you are working quickly, you might type the numbers, press the delta, press record enter and clear and move on and miss that fixture. More keystrokes≠improvement

Also, if one types say, desk channel 22 and the "+" key and then the delta button, it's brought into the programmer and the change made! I know it's just one keystroke, but boy is it frustrating to have to keep slowing down and dropping fixtures, etc. It is like this is in HogPC for Windows 7 and on my WH3. It is NOT like this on v.3.1.9 on HogPC for Windows 7, so this is a new and unhappy development. The "Full" key works ok...as in "Chan 22,""Full" works fine.

2. Using a tablet PC with Windows 7 I can't seem to click on "Set" twice to pull up the onscreen keyboard. So it is impossible to label without stopping to open the tablet and use the keyboard. Furthermore, "Set" doesn't do anything in HogPC, I can select a pallette and press "Set" rename it and nothing happens...the "Insert" key on the keyboard works just fine. I don't know if this is also true with a touchscreen monitor. The "Set" key works just fine in 3.1.9.

3. On HogPC running Windows 7 when one clicks on the windows in Taskbar to change from Primary Screen to Secondary Screen nothing happens. This works fine in Windows XP for 3.2.2, and Windows 7 for 3.1.9.

4. On a tablet running Windows 7, when I have a screen with a view which has been recorded and contains two directories of the identical sizes on top of each other, say, the Primary Screen "Group" and "Intensity" both recorded as part of that view, I can't click on Group on the Front Panel to front the Group directory over the Intensity directory and then click on Intensity to then front that over the Group directory. To change directories via the Front Panel, I need to select the group I want, then tap the programmer to deselect that directory and then select the desired directory from the Front Panel. Then it is brought to the front.

5. On HogPC with Windows 7 and 3.2.2., pressing the arrow keys on the Front Panel deselects whatever is selected and fronts the Front Panel. It is impossible to use the arrow keys to move the red box selecting a pallette- it is impossible to use the arrow keys to navigate through a directory. A variation on this is where it is impossible to resize windows on the secondary screen because pressing the "Size" (or "Move") icon on the Primary Screen fronts that screen and deselects the directory in question!

That's all I have for now, I'm not sure these have been addressed in other posts, I looked through quite a few to avoid redundant posting.



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    Problem #1
    This is a know issue and is logged as bug #15203.

    Problem #2
    I just tested this and am having no problems using the 'set' key.

    Problem #3
    I just tested this on my Win7 desktop and the task bar was correctly fronting the window I clicked on .
    We do have Bug# 15440: The Windows 7 function of pressing WIN + Left or Right arrows to lock the pane to a side of the screen is no longer working.

    Problem #4
    Just tested this and again I have no problems fronting the directories using the kind keys if recorded in a view.

    Problem #5
    Again no problems using the arrow key to move around in the directories.
    My selection is also not being deselected.

    Can you upload your show file?
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