reverse efects engine direction?

nick cnick c Registered User

Can any one please answere my question.

I am wonering if it is possible to reverse the direction of the effects engine?

If i don't use the invert pan on one side of the rig. how can i get effects to run symetricaly.



  • J CriminsJ Crimins Registered User
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    Hey Nick,
    Press and hold the minus key (-) and twist the encoder of the parameter you'd like to reverse.
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    I believe what John has described has to do with reversing things like Gobo Rotate.

    As far as I know, you can't reverse Effects.
    (With one exception, see below)
    And you can obtain symmetrical effects depending on the rig setup.

    For instance, with a row of Movers under a truss;
    Get the desired Effect running, like a Tilt Effect
    Press and hold FAN and then select Center from the bottom right monitor.
    While still holding Fan adjust the Effects Offset Encoder.

    With movers on either side of the rig;
    If you apply a Sine Effect to the Pan then you will need to enter a 180 degree offset on one side of the rig.
    Because it is a Sine wave the result is an apparent "reversing" of the Effect on that side.

    I hope this is what you were looking for.
  • nick cnick c Registered User
    edited November 2011
    Hi Chris

    Well that is all i needed to know.

    I can't believe that it has been twenty years, since the start of the whole hog range and there is still not a reverse direction for the effects engine.

  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited November 2011
    It's all how the fixtures are selected (or fanned).

    For example, rainbow effect running left to right...

    Select fixtures left to right
    Hit Rainbow and fan 0 thru 270

    For rainbow effect running right to left...

    Select fixtures right to left
    Hit Rainbow and fan 0 thru 270


    Select fixtures left to right
    Hit rainbow and fan 270 thru 0

    Now it's going reverse.

    Change the direction of the fan and it will go the other way.

    You can also split from center by using 0 thru 270 thru 0

    The engine is powerful and you can pretty much do what you want. Just takes a little practice and playtime. Once you understand the use of offset and ranges, you'll get places in no time.

  • stephlightstephlight Registered User
    edited November 2011
    - offest could be a good way to in verse offset, to meditate for a future release.
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