A few questions.

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Hey all,

Our church currently is using a NSI MC 24/48 with strictly generic lighting (pars and lekos). We have outgrown this board and will hopefully be adding some intelligent lighting to the room so we need to upgrade our console to something that will accomodate that. I purchased a Road Hog for our youth venue which has intelligent lights and it has been functioning great. The youth venue does everything on the fly, I just pop everything up on the cuelists with the guard off and let them go at it with the touch screens. Our main venue programs out the services. I brought the road hog over to the main venue to let some of the lighting volunteers play with it to get a feel if it would work in that environment. The end result was a few questions I need to get answered.

When in the programmer or editing cues they felt like having all the dimmer channels listed was too much information. I made groups based on the channels they had on the NSI, but when you add a group you see all the dimmer channels as opposed to just the group. We do need the flexibility to adjust individual channels at times, but for the most part just seeing the group as one thing would be preffered. Is there anyway to view things in the programmer or cue editor at the broader spectrum of a group opposed to dimmer channels?

Is there any view that displays the groups\fixtures that you have on and their current intensity that will update live as you change cues?

What about to display tracking over a large number of cues. Being able to see where tracking ends for a particular fixture through a list of cues?

Sorry for the wall of text!

Thanks for any help offered.
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