JH600 Error

LightGuy48LightGuy48 Registered User
Any JH600 folks with experience lurking on the forum?

I've got a JH600 that recently started having some intermittent problems with playback master 17, it won't release the cue list, sometimes the fader gets 'stuck' on and will carry over to each page, pig+release won't release the fader but sometimes select then release will release. (The master/cuelist in question is not on a template page)

Restarting the console will cure the problem and typically it only does it on the initial power up, then it's fine.

Last night during a show it started acting up and then popped up the following error:

JNT v2.3(34):Internal
error-channel state

It was just an error, not a crash. I've been using JH consoles since they were released and have never encountered this before. I've got spare faders and have thought about replacing the fader in question but to me this seems like more of software or maybe show corruption than hardware.

Any suggestions?


  • jksorgjksorg Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited November 2011
    How often do you do a deep clear and reload the console?
  • LightGuy48LightGuy48 Registered User
    edited November 2011
    It's been quite a while, I typically don't program too much on the console, just update my position pallettes and that's it so I haven't done it in a long time.

    I'll try that and see if it happens again. I was also going to perform a complete self test to see if it reports back any hardware errors.
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