Sort Cuelists by Name???

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Can I put in a request to be able to sort the "Name" field in the list directory by Alphabetical?? I don't want to change the numbering, but having over 800 lists, when a song comes up, it would be nice to click on Name (in the spreadsheet view) and be able to sort so I can find it quicker.

Pretty please...


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    Use the trackball or mouse to right-click in the column header, and choose "Sort". This will let you sort and sub-sort by any combination of fields. Is this what you're looking for?

    Sorting works in any spreadsheet view, and is a very powerful feature of the console.
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    There you go and making things easy again...

    Don't know why I never thought of right-click and sort! I just kept wanting to click on the "name" header and have it sort.

    Thanks Eric!
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    A bit of design philosophy:
    In general, we design our user interface to avoid the mouse/trackball. Using the front panel and touchscreens is much faster and more efficient, especially for the common programming tasks that you do hundreds of times each day.

    But sorting isn't something you do very often, and is a complicated operation. Thus it works better with the pointing precision offered by the trackball. Typically you setup your sorts once, and record them into a view.

    Play around with sorting, it's very powerful, and works in any spreadsheet view. Also experiment with turning aggregation on/off to see how it changes the look. The patch window is a good place to start. You can sort by user number, type, DP, or whatever makes it easiest to find the data you're looking for.

    You can also show/hide specific columns using the right-click menu. There are some columns that are hidden by default, you may find a few extra that will help you.

    Sorting has been in the console for a very long time, but it had a lot of improvements in 3.2. Even if you've used sorting before, give it another look.
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