Hog IPC Front panel and play back wings losing power for a few seconds.

saacarlossaacarlos Registered User
Our iPC was working ok, and a few weeks back for no reason the front panel and the two play back wings started losing power/control for a few seconds and then everything goes back to normal. While this is happening the show keeps running and the only access I have to the console is to the cues assign to the touch screens. Any ideas why is this happening?

The following is my system's info:

Hog iPC config Panel Version:

Hog 3PC Version: v3.1.5 (b2725)

Processor Type: AMD Sempron(tm) 2400+

Total Memory: 1983 MB

Operating System: Windows Xpe

Hog iPC Image Version: 8.5.1Build Date: 12/3/2008 10:22:31 PM

Front Panel Firmware:

Touch Screen Firmware Version: 03.08.46


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    A few things:
    Make sure you don't have a cell phone of two-way radio sitting near the console.

    Someone's clearly been messing around inside your console because that version of the iPC never shipped with 2 gig of RAM. Perhaps he/she didn't properly reassemble everything.
  • saacarlossaacarlos Registered User
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    Eric thanks for your feedback, I started paying attention to the radios and cells and something that I noticed is that for some reason static builds really easy around our sound and lighting booth and even the smallest amount of static interrupts the led lights and the control on the front panel and play back wins for a few seconds. The show keeps going while this is happening and I still have control of the cues on the touch screens. About the two gigs of ram they were put in over five years ago and it helped to avoid the constant crashes of the board in the middle of the show. I'm going to keep paying attention to see if static is the main cause of my problem.
  • James DikeJames Dike Registered User
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    We are having the exact same problem. I was beginning to think it was interference from my iPhone. But static seems to make sense when it think about the occurrences.
  • Aaron ZahndAaron Zahnd Registered User
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    Static has been a problem with my IPCs for as long as I have had them. I've developed a habit of touching one of the rack screws on the audio rig after I sit down to discharge any buildup I may have. If anyone has a fix for this I would love to hear it.
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