Corrupt File? You be the judge.

barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
The Place: Down Town Boston
The Time: Saturday, 10/8 @ Dusk
The Setup: Wholehog 3 console(3.2.1) and DP8K running a dozen Color Force 72s via Catalyst. Static IPs on everything. Network settings were the same as I have had for months now.

So, Friday the 7th, I programmed the show and tested the rig. Worked great. A few more tweaks, then backed up show, shut down, and go home.
Next morning, before lunch, started show up and did some more offline programming. The rig was not hot, so I just did some small clean up programming. Once again, everything working great. Shut down, save, and go to lunch. Hours later, dusk arrives. The rig comes in and I hook up and launch show. Show launched and the console was able to see the DP8K, but its status read "Offline", which flashed in red text. Checked all my connections. Checked all my settings. Could not find anything wrong. Started to think the DP8K gave out. Called for a replacement DP8K. While I waited on that, I gave the suspect DP8K a master reset. Still nothing.
Now, I did try to load the show file onto my Tablet PC, but kept getting a No Server Found error.
New DP8K showed up, but got the same Offline indicator with that one too. So, now I know it's not the DP8K, but was it my console? Or bad file?
Decided to start new show on the Tablet. This worked. Had a solid connection to the DP8K. Because the sun was going down, I had no time to really do any more trouble shooting. I did do one thing. With the Tablet up and running, I thought I would try logging the console in as a client. This worked too. For the rest of the evening, this configuration worked and I was able to do what I needed for them.
At the end of the night, I backed up the show again on the Tablet, and then copied it to a flash drive. I plugged the flash drive into the console and launched the show file on the console back as a server. This worked too. So, now I'm not sure if the console is bad.
As I am writing this, I think I do remember the original backup from the night before being saved straight to the flash drive. Is it possible this caused a corruption? I will be playing around with everything again today to try and narrow down the problem, but I'm hoping I have no problems either.


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited October 2011
    I had a similar probelm about 6 weeks ago saving files directly to USB and trying to transfer them to another desk via USB. Had to go to CD-Rs to make it work.

    Response I got was:

    "We have now uncovered the issue with the backups directly to USB. What is happening isthat the console is performing a sync to the file system before closing the archive, which can result in outstanding pieces of data not being included in the sync. This results in an incomplete backup file which then fails to load."

    Apparently a fix is in the works, but no word yet on a "patch" release.

    Doesn't explain your DP-8K connectivity issue, unless you were trying to launch a "new" show from the USB backup.

    Hope this helps. :)
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