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I might know the answer to my own question, but curious if anyone has a better way to do this.

I programmed a show this weekend. We were shooting floor lights all over a theatre. I had a pre programmed position and I updated the position a few times. We programmed a few other things during the day made a few cues and things. While we were in a cue that had most of the fixtures zoomed out in a hard gobo focus in a color the designer says I don't like the position can you go through and highlight them and we can tweek the position. All good I select fixture 1 hit highlight and start adjusting the position. The LD says I'm having a hard time seeing it can you zoom in on open white and iris down so he can see where the spot is pointing.

We were about to shoot for a video and I only had a minute and couldn't think what was the best way to do this, so I really quickly grabbed all my floor fixtures and zoomed in and irised all fixtures down. I then went through and adjusted the position to do this then had to manually go back and refocus to the zoomed out hard gobo. It was close obviously to what it should have been, but was not quite the same.

I am thinking there would have been a better approach to doing this. My initial thought is I should have made a new highlight directory that had open zoom down and iris in, but not sure.

The other issue was he then wanted to see say fixture 8 in the open white focus and then go to fixture 14 or whatever and tweek it, but not tweek fixture 8. How would I have both in the highlight, but only one available on the programmer for editing position?

Any thoughts?



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited October 2011
    Did you have Zoom and Focus information recorded into your Position Palettes?

    If not when you Clear-ed after updating, the fixtures should have gone right back to where they were.

    How were you updating? Were you Merging in updates or Opening the Palette and Updating?
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