Studio Color 575 Magenta wheel issue

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I am trying to fix my malfunctioning SCs, but I'm lost as to what the next step should be in troubleshooting.

I have 11 "broken" SC's in my loft, the first one I'm trying to tackle had the LITE TOUT error. So, upon researching, I changed the fuses on the LPS and fixed that issue. Next, I found that I had a seized motor for the magenta wheel, so I swapped that with a working motor, but I still had the same color problems... Open is Magenta, Magenta is Open, Red is Yellow, Light green won't even happen, etc.

Since I had already checked the motors, cleaned the shafts, and changed all the belts, my next step was changing the 3773 chip. I swapped that out(yes, it was the same chip, added in the same direction as the others) and powered up the fixture and everything was working perfectly... I was very pleased.

I powered the fixture back down and put all the pieces back together. I was ready to add it back to the truss, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to test it one more time... now I have the same problem as before! (Open is Magenta, Red is Yellow, etc) When I run color tests, Cyan and Yellow work ok, but Magenta and Open seem to stay permanently reversed, and obviously that is not going to work for the show.

Am I missing something? All motors are working, all belts are brand new, and the driver chip was changed... it worked great at first, but a few hours later and I am back to square one. I'm not sure what else could be wrong. Is there something that could be screwing up any driver chip I add?

Also, when striking, it will still say "COOL" for the first minute or so, but that goes away, I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not about this(my other SCs don't do that).

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

EDIT: I just ran another test, and like before, Cyan and Yellow appear to be working fine, but now Magenta skips to Open for both Open and Mag in the test. I've compared the wheels to some of the other ones I have lying around and I put it back together correctly, but, just to make sure, is there a WRONG way to put the wheel on? I am under the impression that the motor should put it where it is supposed to be upon startup.

EDIT #2: OK, so out of frustration and desperation, I swapped logic boards AND another magenta motor... It worked beautifully... until I started changing colors(with the touch screen color wheel). I gave the fixture a global reset... now open is full magenta again! I'm beginning to think the color presets are messed up because I can achieve all colors manually, but the only problem now is that when I bring magenta to 100% it goes to a half white/half magenta. 97% is pretty much what 100% should look like, 98% and up, it changes white(this most likely explains why red turns yellow, magenta at 100% goes open, only allowing 100% yellow through)... I know I'm getting there, slowly, but surely... this is really fun, but still a little upsetting when I have more lights that need servicing that fully working lights on the truss and two resident shows 7 days a week on top of the 4 nights of dj/club events.
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