(3.2.1) Crash during show!!!

pepijnpepijn Registered User, Hog Beta
Wholehog 3 (no external screens / widgets)
3 active DP8000 (2 for a 12m by 6m evenled screen)

Acer notebook with external screen.
Hog3pc unique netnumber and also running server.

this evening i had a critical crash during the show.
fortunately it was during a realy dark scene so i could restart the show with only three followspots allive and no showstop.

the desk was prompting that 'the show server was down' and a few moments later two white internal screens for a few secconds followed by the 'Wholehog start' screen where i was able to start the show again.

Also the backup hog3PC 'crashed' and showed the same 'Wholehog start' screen.

Anyone encountered such a problem with running a hog3 and hog 3pc in hognet with unique netnumbers and both running server?



PS. Can't attach showfile because it's 102,4MB....
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