Copy default to State

erockerock Registered User

I find that I'm frequently copying information from one cue to the programmer. It seems in a command like this that you would always want state selected. Here is what I currently do:

Select Fixtures
Enter Source Cue #
Press Copy
Select Masking paramaters
Select State

It seems like the selection of state could be eliminated in a copy operation like this as it is assumed that even if there isn't specific instructions for the fixtures in the cue that I'd be looking to get the "state" values. Is there something I'm missing where not selecting state would give you different results?

When I copy a cue to another cue, I do see how state is a valuable resource to has as sometime I want to copy the entire look (state selected) or just the specific move instructions (state unselected) but when you're copying to just the programmer, it seems like you'd always want state selected.

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