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Rutger HarmsenRutger Harmsen Registered User
Can I Use a USB DMX Widget as a DMX output for a HOG3 Console?

I need a single DMX output on FOH on a tour, and using a DP8K for just one DMX universe seems unnecessary.
I use fiberglass network from FOH to transmit HOGnet to the stage.
Or can I sent back the Artnet output from a DP8K back to FOH via the same network as I send the HOGnet to the stage?


  • jhillenkotterjhillenkotter Registered User
    edited September 2011
    Hi Rutger,
    you cannot use a USB DMX widget with a Hog3 console.

    We do not recommend sending HOG-Net and Art-Net over the same switch but depending on the switch you are using you may be able to separate ports.

    Hope this helps.
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