wholehog 3 crash

dignedigne Registered User
on wholehog 3 v3.1.8
The console had frozen and pig+open+backspace didn't work.
I'd do a hard shut down and know when I shut on the console she stay on blue screens.
I tried a full install on previous version, the cd-rom worked and led green of cd reader flashing (like everytime I did a full install) but nothing change: blue screen....
I don't know where is the problem..
any idea?

Thank you



  • dignedigne Registered User
    edited September 2011
    Ok I'd downgrade untill v3.0.0 and everything seems work well now.
    I'll tried to upgrade on 3.2.1 later and I hope everything will be good....
    It's the first time I have this problem, is it a symptom to anything?

  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited September 2011
    What probably happened is the desk detected a threat to the file system following the crash and decided to run a file system check on the next boot. Although not ideal, this file system check is necessary in some case... I only wish we would be able to post a notice the user as to what is going on at this point as opposed to just showing blue wallpaper screens. That is something I have discussed with our development team and might see some development in the future.

    Now as to the original crash there is some good news in this area. With v3.2.0 and greater the file system is much more protected and well managed in the re-written file browser so the likelihood of this happening again is low.

    In any case, if you run into this again wait about 10 minutes until you give up on the console booting because file system checks are dependent on the amount of show files on your hard drive.
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