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Pixel Mapper - multiple execution of scenes & cue list virtual in one go - command line dump into a comment macro of a cue list - fan+flip function, so you can make a center position and do the same position flipped with a nice movement from the center or start/end would save a lot of time - a proper tap function & speed master - Cues in a cue list controlled by a IPCB fader should take the values of the fader and not step into full size and speed f.e. I have a cue1 circle / cue2 pan sinus / cue3 tilt sinus - on an IPCB Fader - as soon as I fire a go from cue1 to cue2 the pan sinus moves at full speed and size even though my fader is at 30% - clean the solo function - if I stop a song with the flash button assigned as solo all other playbacks are bo - during the solo none of these get the fader value so I have to release the solo and after I am able to release all these faders - that's quite nasty - thanks


  • inroyalinroyal Registered User
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    I would appreciate a little more lighting user features and indeed a few innovations!Although the hog is a real plug & play desk compared to the GrandMA a few cool features are missing! Something like pre tapping a chaser or effect - relative or lists (adding a release cue for a virtual chaser oder cuelist is tricky when moving the list to a different number like move list 129 to
    ) - a FX engine including palettes like position, color - sinus or inv ramp from position 1 -> position 2 or color 1 -> color 2 and adding kind of waypoints to it - pos1 to pos2 over pos3 etc.
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    Any cue can be pre tapped by holding the select and tapping the play button regardless of whether it is active or not
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