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So I've downloaded Hog2PC and the program starts up and runs fine with my computer.. But last night when I tried to use my widget, my computer tells me it cant find or install the driver.. Need help!! My computer is running Windows 7.. The other computer I've used has Vista and Hog2PC and picks up the widget and runs fine.. So needless to say.. Im confused!


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    Are you running a 64-bit version of Windows? Hog2PC doesn't have drivers for 64-bit OSs, so you won't be able to use any wings or widgets.

    Hog3PC does work with 64-bit OSs.
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    OH ok well ill download Hog3PC today and hopefully that will work out tonight. Now if I do that, does that mean I have to update the widget?
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    Older widgets will only work with 2PC. Newer widgets will work with both 2PC and 3PC.

    Look at the area around the DMX output jack. If there's a silver oval around it (either a silver plate or a machined recess) then it will work with 3PC. If the area around the DMX jack is blue, then the widget will need an upgrade to work with 3PC.

    After you install 3PC, you can also look at the widget setup. If the widget is listed in red then it needs to be upgraded.

    If you need an upgrade, talk to your dealer. You'll need to send them the electronic ID and serial number of the widget. The electronic ID is the number that shows up in the list of widgets in HogPC.
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    thanks eric! im now running Hog3pc.. turns out my widget needs to be upgraded but luckily i have a friend who was willing to loan me one for awhile.. i havent gotten in touch with High End yet... any idea on what it cost to upgrade it? just need a range in price..
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    Any HES dealer can get you a price for the widget upgrade.
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