hog 1k issues

RyanswadeRyanswade Registered User, Hog Beta
I have a 1k that I was programing the other day for my show. Sometimes when I would try to name a pallet the display would start switching back and forth into set up menu and program menu. It would lock everything up and I couldn't do anything. Now I can't recreate the problem. Anyone ever seen this before or had this issue. I did multiple shut downs and clean starts and it was still doing this on show site.


  • tadawsontadawson Registered User
    edited August 2011
    Did you have an external keyboard on the board at the time? And if so, any chance anything was laying on it? If so, an errant key down can cause this kind of stuff . . .

    - Tim
  • RyanswadeRyanswade Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited August 2011
    I had a keyboard yes but there was nothing anywhere near it. I unplugged the keyboard thinking that was the issue but it still did it. I rebooted and did a clean start and it would randomly do it. I finally pulled out my back up board and ran the show on it but now that I am back at the shop I cannot re-create the problem and I don't want to send out the board for another show until I know the issue is not going to come back
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