RGB LED issue (3.2.1)

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I'm having this same problem again that I reported back in 3.1.8 (and no one responded).


I added 216 RGB LEDs to my show (with an existing 30 RGB LEDs). The 216 new RGB LEDs will drop intensity in a 0 count when fading color, but ONLY when it's on a NEW list. If I change color within an existing list, it behaves as expected. As mentioned in the previous post, all timing is correct (and matches the existing Colorblasts), but it still drops to 0.

Funny enough, it's the same number of LED's that I added to the rig last time I had the problem. I have 30 Colorblasts (also using the Generic RGB LED profile) that operate perfectly. It's only when I added the additional 216 RGB cells that I start having the problem.

Universe 1 - Dimmers/Colorblasts
Universe 2 - Movers
Universe 3 - Movers
Universe 4 - Axon
Universe 5 - Movers
Universe 6 - Movers
Universe 7 - Added 108 RGB LEDs
Universe 8 - Added 108 RGB LEDs

I always program in CMY so I know it's not switching color spaces. I have cuelists that ONLY have color information in them (no intensity information at all) and it does the same things as long as they are separate lists. If I put the cues in the same stack, they operate correctly.

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    As a test, I took the first cue from each list (using 10 different lists for services) and made 1 long cue lists. Did no other modifications to the list at all.

    Choose 1
    Cue 1 copy List 199 Cue 1
    Cue 1.1 copy List 199 Cue 1.1
    Choose 2
    Cue 1 copy list 199 Cue 2....etc. etc. etc.

    When I play List 199, all of the LEDs behave as expected just going through the lists with no intensity dropouts.
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    From other thread:
    Hey Jon,

    This sounds a lot like a sister issue to something I logged about a year ago. There is some interesting calculation problems we run into with the CMY color space. Read over this bug report and see if these principals apply to what you are seeing.

    Here is the bug that is logged:

    When RGB LEDs are mixed using CMY and have a value less than 100%, then stomping them with another list which is mixed with CMY at 100% intensity will cause an undesired drop out of intensity while performing the stomping xfade.

    Here is the description and repro from the customer:
    I´ve 20 LED-fixtures (Generic RGB LED)
    In cuelist 1 cue 1 : master intensity at 50% with color mixed to red using cmy
    In cuelist 2 cue 1 : master intensity at 100% with color mixed blue using cmy
    When cuelist 1/1 is active and I start cuelist 2/1, the intensity breaks down to 20% and fades up to 100% with fade timing.

    1) The lower the master intensity value is on the stomped cuelist the more obvious the intensity drop out is during the xfade.
    2) This does not occur when uisng I-red, I-green, I-blue
    3) This does not occur in a single cuelist situation
    Chris Muenchow
    Manager of Control Systems Testing
    High End Systems
    Austin, Texas USA


    The EFFECT sounds like exactly what I'm seeing. The only difference is that my intensity doesn't change between lists. It's an architectural piece so I have the intensity limited (on the new fixtures only) to 65% from the Edit Fixtures Menu.

    So, while the stomping/intensity drop sounds correct, it's not from intensity on my part. The most confusing part is that the first 30 Colorblasts in the show operate as expected. It's only the new 216.


    (copying this into the "newer" version of the request to so other can see it)
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