Bug Report (b3148) MultiServer issue

barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
I just remembered that I spoke to guys on the phone about this, but I haven't sent a real report.

HogPC running 3.2 as original server
Wholehog 3 Console as 2nd server

I created a show with the Tablet HogPC. It was hard wired to the Hognet. Then I added the console as a 2nd server. Intial day of programming went perfect. The next day. I decided to see if the console could boot up first and then the tablet 2nd, since the show file was saved on both consoles during programming. The Console could not establish a connection to the DP8K unless the Tablet started up first.

In a similar situation, while both were up and running(the Tablet being the first to boot up), I tested logging off the tablet. The Console took over the show, as it should, however, when I tried to log the Tablet back on, the console froze up and I had to reboot everything in the proper order.

I was under the impression that, since both consoles were saving the show and are acting as servers, any one of them can log on and off or boot up first. Is this not the case?
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