Wing Failures

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Hi All

I am currently in Bali with a USB Programming Wing and a Playback wing. I have just had a c107 explode in my programming wing - wondering what it is and if I can change it to get me through this show. Is it a capacitor? Fuse? Resistor? Data Chip? I am putting it down to voltage fluctuations as the power here is very unreliable even through my regulator.

I also can't get power to my playback wing, but my 4way widget works fine with 12v power. Any ideas on why I wouldn't be getting power to the devices?

Any help ASAP would be awesome.




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    I don't see a C107 on any of the schematics. Can you post a picture? Include a photo of the entire board with the problem, as well as a closeup of C107 (taken in Macro/Closeup mode on your camera)
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    Hi Eric

    My apologies, it wasn't a C107 afterall, it just looked like it the first time I opened it up.

    Upon further investigation (photos attached) it seems to be the chip/capacitor labelled C42 that is blown. Also IC1 has some damage and T1 looks a bit flashed out.

    Any ideas would be great. I am also in touch with someone from HES HQ that might be able to suggest a place for spares. At this stage, I think I'll need an entire new miniwing base.


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