Technobeam Timing Circuit/Clock

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I'm still having an issue with a Technobeam that will not boot up/home, Just shows four zeros with asteriks. Although i've been told that the board needs to be sent in for repairs, I haven't got around to it. Sooo tonight I happened to read a tread on here that suggest the Timing Circuit might be the problem as to faulty soldering joints. I would like to check this out but i don't know where it's located on the Logic board. I read the schematics but I can't seem to find it. If someone could please point out the excact location like (C-14 cap. etc...)I'd greatly appreciate it! In the meantime I'm gonna try some other suggestions I've read and just maybe i can get it to work without having to send it out and spending much$$. Thanks for any help!



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    Send the board to Don @ lightparts. Nuff said.
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