Trackspot Does not initialize please help

kevinbricekevinbrice Registered User
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Hello and thanks for the help. I made a brief video to explain the issue. I would really appreciate any advice you can offer!



  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Are all chips pushed in? Maybe a leg on the main chip hanging out?
    How does the color motor & gobo feel with units turned off?
  • OffroadieOffroadie Registered User
    edited October 2011
    Hey Puffyfish... I am in Atlanta and have a couple of problematic trackspots.

  • The WhatnoughtThe Whatnought Registered User
    edited October 2011
    Hmm, that's a new one for me. My immediate reaction is it's a power buss problem. It's obviously affecting all the driver chips. However, all your indicators seem to be on.

    Is the voltage switch correct? Do not switch when energized!

    Make sure personality dip 1 is on for test mode.

    Have you metered the transformer? Red & red/yellow to yellow should be 12V, R to R/Y should be 24V. Beyond that, bad EPROM sending bad control info?

    Have you swapped all the socketed chips from one unit to the other?

    Have you called Highend or Lightparts for help?

    Might also be a bad board. Have you taken it out & checked the underside for errant metal that might be shorting something out?

    Answer these questions, then we go farther.

    Other useful info: F4 feeds only the driver chips. It blows if you have a bad chip but not for anything else. Also, ignore F2 & F3. If you'll notice they are only 1/3A fuses. They protect the DMX circuitry from excess voltages and have no other purpose.
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