Connecting to show on network

spiritbransonspiritbranson Registered User
3.2.0 Build (3148)
2 External Monitors
USB Keyboard
Arkaos Media Master connected via Artnet

I don't know if I would consider this a bug or just the nature of computer networking, Most likely the latter.

Here is what I have experienced:

Running 3 to 4 shows a day at Theater in Missouri. Each show is on a seperate page. The current show page is always set as the template page, I have 1 main cue list for each show and comment macros change pages and add new cuelists on other faders as needed for the show.

Pages are set to "Holdover if active" All works great on a regular basis.

Here is the issue. I use a laptop to wirelessly connect to the show and use as an RFU to check lamps, focus and make adjustments before each show. This has always worked well with the 3.2.0 software. A couple of times the laptap has entered sleep mode while connected to the show.

This is usually not an issue until: you wake the laptap back up later whilst you are running a show. It displays that hog3pc has restarted as the console has shut down. No problem. I have found if you reconnect to the show on the network and then close the show normally, All is well. If you click OK and then just close hog3pc without reconnecting to the show, Problems occur.

Specifically: The show currently in use will play normally until you reach a comment macro page change, When the change occurs the main cuelist will release. this behaviour will occur for each page change until you reload the show file. Very annoying. I had to stop the show last night to reload the show file....

Be sure you close Hog3PC properly!!!:eek:



  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Hey Kevin, thanks for the detailed and well written report. Indeed it is expected that when a computer goes to sleep will lose connectivity to a Wholehog network show in v3.2.0. And you are also correct that a template page item's ability to hold over on a page change should not be effected by this. I am currently unable to reproduce this issue however and need a few details on your setup.

    Can you upload your show file to me using and send it to chris.muenchow at

    And then also answer some setup questions for me:

    Is Hog3PC on the laptop setup to the same net number as the Full Boar?
    Do you have run server checked in the settings window of the start screen on Hog3PC?

    Thanks Kevin. I am sure once I get your show file and setup configured here in the lab I will be able to get this reproduced, get a bug logged, and get development working on a solution.
  • spiritbransonspiritbranson Registered User
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    Thanks Chris,

    The Hogpc and the Full Boar console are both set on the same net number.

    The Hogpc acting as the RFU is not running as a server so the Run Server Box is unchecked.


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Hey Kevin,

    I haven't been able to reproduce this yet but if anything it might be happening because of the two internal DP8000s running in this kind of system (one on FB and the other on PC). If you go into the settings window of Hog3PC and set the internal OB to net num 2, I am curious if this problem with resolve itself.
  • spiritbransonspiritbranson Registered User
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    Hi Chris,

    Actually, I didn't change a thing and could not reproduce issue. There must have been several specific events happening simultaneously to cause the issue.

    Thank you for looking into this. It has been working well, I just make sure to not let my laptop fall asleep while connected.

    Thanks again,

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