DL2 Shutdown issues

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Hello, one of my DL2's has lost the ability to do a "fixture shut down" (soft shutdown) through the 120-130 DMX value and I am forced to pull the power to shut it down... HELP:1zhelp:


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    Hi Matthew,

    What console are you using? That type of control command is typically intensity dependent.

    try selecting the motion layer and set @ 100%
    select the fixture shut down command
    then take the grand master down to 0% or take the motion layer to 0% for 5-7 sec.

    hope this helps,
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    Using Martin M-PC

    Tried that... no luck, Am I assuming correctly that the blue server LED should shut off when its completed the shutdown?
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    The Blue Sever LED will stay ON. Unless you manually turn the server OFF. (by holding down the outer most menu tab buttons for 10 sec.) The white Lamp LED should flash during lamp cool down, and then be OFF after the shutdown command is sent.
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    So I should be running the shutdown command with out lamping off first to know when the shutdown is complete?
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    The Shutdown Command can, and will work in-place of the lamp off command. No need to send Lamp Off command. Just use Fixture Shutdown, which includes lamp off.
    Hope this helps.
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