2 Dead DL2s

joshster82joshster82 Registered User
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Last night I fired up the rig and 2 out of my 4 DL2's are only showing the blue power led and the flashing orange server led. Here's what I know so far. The screen comes on and the splash screen appears but the normal screen with address never shows and the buttons are unresponsive. No DMX control. They do show up on the network and I can access them with the CMA so the server appears to be working fine.
Tonight I pulled the covers off and the head and box card have no led's flashing on them at all. They appear to not be receiving any power. Is there a seperate fuse that may have blown? Seems strange to lose 2 of them at same time with the exact same symptoms and be something else. Any other ideas?



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Your best best to solve this quickly is to call support @:
    (800) 890-8989

    Sounds like you either blew a fuse in the motor power supply or managed to fry two power supplies at once.
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