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I have come across a couple of problems when it come to the Roadhog and an external ELO touchscreen. Before 3.2 and after.

Why must we always go in to control panel and selected the external screen and calibrate it on start up every time?
I'm I missing something?
This is possible on an XP PC machine with and an ELO monitor. Setup once and all set. Same with Point Of Sales machines using ELO touch screen and embedded XP.

With that problem, when I create an opening look on boot up via a key stroke macro the calibration is offset due to the IOGear USB to VGA adapter and external monitor attached but not yet selected and calibrated.
I can only auto lamp on my fixtures but not run several cue lists.
I tried a key stroke macro to set up the screen but it needs to run the calibration tool.
Any idea?

Apart from that, we love 3.2

One bug so far but we have addressed it and was told it will be in the next update.
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    Hey Dave. Thanks for the post.

    The issue with the external monitor stems from the IOGear USB device we chose to support and the driver developed for that device. It actually has nothing directly to do with Elo or the touch screens. What happens is the USB VGA device from IOGear is not loaded and ready when our Hog3PC application is already loaded at the start screens so our application determines that there is no external monitor device attached and therefore has no device to activate and send an image to. This leads to the touchscreen calibration being off because the Elo touch base driver and calibration uses the entire landscape of the screen real estate to determine where to determine where its edges are and how to apply the calibration stored in memory. Since the total landscape has changed since your last calibration when the monitor was there, you have to recalibrate if you don't first re-enable the external monitor. If you re-enable the external monitor first, then the calibration should be correct again immediately.

    Unfortunately the IOGear device, at launch was a slightly different model and was supported by a different driver which was available at Hog3PC start up which allowed us to function as you would expect and are requesting. Unfortunately they then started shipping a revision of that same device that required a new driver and was not so friendly with our application. This is one of the pitfalls of supporting third party devices and is something we are taking into consideration moving forward. For example, you will notice that v3.2.0 now supports generic midi class devices so that an off-shelf generic midi class device such as USB piano keyboards that operate with the generic USB midi class driver will function with any need for us to install new drivers or add specific device support.

    In regards to how this all affects your start-up keystroke macro I would suggest setting a startup comment macro in the preference window... misc tab to trigger a cuelist that contains a set of blank cues with wait times that contain comment macros triggering the lists and setting up your rig. To me, even with keystroke macros, this is the best way to startup a rig and get your show setup from a log on.
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    Thanks Chris for the back story on the iogear device . I understand the dilemma.
    Can you explain in a little more detail how I can get my system to boot up / lamp on / and run a cuelist or two with this external monitor attached yet not setup.
    Would it make sense if I just used the keypad and stay away from the touch screen when recording the key strokes?
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