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If i'm running a show to SMPTE with LTC widget on a Hog 3 connected to a DMX-8000, and have a computer on the same network running Hog 3 PC with the same net number and an LTC widget as well. Then am I correct in assuming that if the main console crashes then the Hog 3 PC should continue running the show to SMPTE without any interruptions? Will there be any kind of conflict using two LTC widgets at the same time? Is it possible to use one LTC widget on the Hog 3 PC and have the Hog 3 connect to the widget over the network?




  • r-youngr-young Registered User
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    I have been trying to do some tests with this on the Hog 3 PC and can't get SMPTE to read under 3.2.0. I haven't upgraded the console yet, but I'm wondering if anyone has used SMPTE on a Hog 3 with an LTC widget yet? Any Issues?


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    Hey Ryan,

    I assume you are setting up Hog3PC as your redundant tracking backup in this case.

    Here's what you do:

    1) Set both the Hog 3 Console and Hog3PC to net num 1
    2) In the settings window of the start screen enable "RUN SERVER" on both the console and 3PC
    3) Launch the show on the console
    4) Connect to the show on Hog3PC
    5) On one (or both) of the consoles open the network window
    6) You will see two net num 1 consoles
    7) Click on one of these and "enable timecode toolbar"
    8) On the timecode toolbar hit the settings button and set LTC as the active input port
    10) Now split your LTC SMPTE signal and feed it into both LTC widgets and you should have a redundant time-coded tracking backup.

    All of your cue lists will need to be assigned to listen to Console 1 in the cuelist options window as well.
  • r-youngr-young Registered User
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    Great, thanks!
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