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I am working on a show with a IPC running hog 3 a pretty recent if not the latest software release. I have 4 DP-8000 that I have networked to the ipc using to my understanding is hog net to network them. I want to connect to some hippotizers via art net. I am noticing that the dp-8000 has a hog net port and a art net port. Is there a way of patching them to control channels in the same network vie art net over a dp8000? If not I do not have any art net boxes at the moment so I will have to procure something.

Also if that works I have 8 DL-2's that I am running on 3 hard dmx outputs and running cma over a separate network to them. Could I potentially connect them via artnet as well?



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    Hi Matt,

    Thats quite the set up you have there :)

    First the Artnetoutput part:
    - The Fixture Link port on the DP8000 outputs the 16 available DMX Universes direct, so you do not need a ArtNet box.
    - Just connect the Fixturelink port to the network you have and match the IP of the fixturelink (witch is different from the Hog Net port).
    - Then Set the Universes and Sub nets according to the patch you have
    - I always run my DL3s or DML-1200´s on a single Network for both CMA and Artnet and has so far not seen any problems. (Unless you have a bad switch or wire...)

    Do you think this helps? Where are you placed?
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