HOG 3 PC on IPHONE / remote focus

Hey all this a quick little video I made but you get the idea it a remote desktop app about $1.99 that give you control over all the function of your PC so of course you can do cue's, fader, remote focus. I ran a dmx line into the foyer of my last show for a opening 4 mac 2k's and 20 led's did some light programming and ran the whole 20 min show from my phone the HOG 3 PC wast setting at the tech deck about 120 ft away.
The doors opened I was able to bring up the opening look and shut down all foyer lighting before I ever sat down even grabbed a coffee.

This works much better on IPAD i'm sure but for right now it rocks for me.

There is a free version of this try it out I don't think they understand it can be used for this the minute they do it will a $120 app.

All the best my friends question comment concerns I will take em



  • JonvgJonvg Registered User
    edited July 2011
    Hay there just wont to no if you can help, I am running Hog3 On Bootcamp but can not get my DP to work it can see it it there, and has found it but just wont push out Data..

    If you have any ideas or no y it is doing this i would love to no, this way i can stop taking two laptops with me lol..

    Thanks Jon...
  • HOGWILDHOGWILD Registered User
    edited July 2011
    Make sure your running through a router or switch if yourdirectly linked need a cross over cable
    but get the Hog up and running, setup, network, the look at the dp 2000 should be the last one in the list should say not found

    get on the dp 2000 scroll to network, ip configure, check the DCHp box let it try to initialize show wait about 20 seconds then unplug the DP it will reset the ip address you should be all set

    Sitting here doing nothing at a show all timecode so get back to me if this doesn't work

    Also make sure the Airport is off on the Mac
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