New release install problems.

JeffMJeffM Registered User
I recently downloaded the new release of Hog 3 PC.
For some reason I was getting an error message while the install was going. All of my PC's run XP as I will never go to Vista and not sure about WIN 7 either.
I thought perhaps it was a corrupt download so I redownloaded it and tried it again. Still same error message.
Then thought, ok, let me install it on my laptop where I also run the software.
Same issue on a different computer so that tells me it's not my computers.
Anyone else had this problem?
So basically I am not able to install and use the new releases now.
I was wanting to do so as there are some additions to the fixture library that I needed at the time and didn't want to have to merge a fixture in every time I use these new fixtures.


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