Hog 3 PC wings question

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I was the first in the Dallas area to purchase the PC system. It was at the time $6500 for 1 playback wing, 1 program wing, and 1 single widget.
As far as I know, there were no changes to the wings from then to now as mine still do everything they ever did and work with every software revision/update. The only change was that our widgets which already had the Hog 3 logo on them would not work without paying a penance to High End to unlock them for Hog 3 use.
With the above said, can someone enlighten me as to why the wings are now a grand higher in price? Is there some precious metal being used to construct them? Usually with anything electronic, the price goes down over time not up. Example, flat screen tv's. They improve them constantly and add more features and they keep getting less expensive. So with no changes to the wings in almost 10 years, what gives?


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  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    This forum must be a ghost town. Not one single response. Not even from the High End; Oh I mean Barco Guru's
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    Prices change.. why is gas more expensive now than 10 years ago? Cars cost more too... Also sometimes deals are made at a product launch to entice early adopters. I do not have any specifics as to why these prices have changed, but it is not unreasonable for prices to change over a long time span.
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