Clearing the board and Palette organization questions

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I keep having this problem where I'll play a cuelist, but whenever I try and go to release, it doesn't want to. Sometimes if I hold down the pig button and press release it works but not usually. When I'm selecting cues from the cuelist directory, the cues release fine when I press release, but not when I'm running them off the master. Another issue I'm running into is why won't previous played cues' effects release when I select other cues in the cuelist directory? I'm running a show where there are specific character effects looks and settle looks and have been struggling with trying to tackle an efficient way to program settle looks (which stop all movement, effects, strobes, and gobo rotation but maintains color information and the moving lights move to a pre programmed position).

I've also been wondering if there is a way to copy cue information from a cue and paste it into palettes such as colour and position. I've been thinking about taking all the previously programmed cues and somehow copying and pasting the colour, effects, beam, position, intensity, fixtures, and time into palettes for the flexibility of doing all the design work live. I've tried using the "suck" button and "copy to" key but I can't seem to make it work. Any help would be much appreciated.

One more thing- I know how to open a "master cuelist" spreadsheet, but for some reason the board will open a cuelist directory and the programmer but not the spreadsheet. I'm wondering if all these bugs I'm running into is a result of the board not being updated for about three years or am I seriously doing something retarded.


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    First question Avi..

    Since you state that your board has not been updated in 3 years, what version software are you running? This will be a big help to determine what is going on in regards to cuelist releasing problems.

    As for opening cuelists, you can double click the CHOOSE button or press OPEN and the cuelist in the list directory that you wish to open.

    If you want to transfer cue information to a palette, I would copy the cue data to the programmer by using the COPY command without a destination (cue 3 copy <enter>). then record or merge into the palette that you wish using RECORD or MERGE.
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