Backup console as wing?

chiefochiefo Registered User
Been reading this forum for a while but this is my first post, just took delivery of 2 full boars and am very happy about this! They've both gone straight out on a month long run of shows, one as a backup desk. Some of the shows are going to be busked, but since we haven't yet got any wings available, we were wondering could we network the desks in such a way as to have separate playbacks on each, while using only the main desk's dmx outputs?

Been searching quite a bit and haven't found anything, so guessing it's not possible, just looking for a definitive answer really, or if there are any known workarounds.

Cheers, very useful forum by the way.


  • chadlchadl Registered User
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    There is a work around. Network the 2 like you have been, and run 1 as a backup, then use different pages on each console.

    It has been a while since I've done this, but I'm pretty sure a grandmaster on either console will act as a grandmaster for both.
  • kurtiswilkkurtiswilk Registered User
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    Unless I am mistaken and missed network backups. when you log into a show with a second console. The console is simply a very fancy wing. every change you do on console 2 is technically recorded on console 1.

    A few shows with limited time, I've had a second programmer log in wiuth a laptop to facilitate faster programming. Takes a bit of getting used to.

    i believe Chadl is correct with the experience I've had doing so
  • chiefochiefo Registered User
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    Cheers for the help, fairly new to this, no console networking experience bar connecting wysiwyg to Hog 2PC and Hog 3PC.

    So yeah I guess what I was really asking was could you run separate pages on networked consoles, I'll take that as a yes then! Thank you.

    One more thing, exactly what hardware do I need to achieve this? Again I haven't been able to find anything definitive about connecting 2 consoles and nothing else. Do I need a hub/router, or will a crossover cable do the trick?

    Cheers again, sorry I know this will probably have been covered elsewhere, just eluded me!
  • GordoGordo Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I BELIVE that a crossover cable will suffice, but I have not used it myself
  • jussikamunenjussikamunen Registered User
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    Crossover should be enough. If you have more than two devices in same network (DP´s, laptop for hog3pc, laptop for wysiwyg...) then you need a router. I would go with a router in any case.

    Since you are using two different pages anyway in your consoles you can record over your GM with a cuelist on your wing-page. This way you dont need to worry about unplanned blackouts.
  • chiefochiefo Registered User
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    Thanks all, done and working, excellent!
  • JeffMJeffM Registered User
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    There is also another way you can do this.
    Doug Flenor makes a device for combining dmx from 2 consoles allowing 2 to be on the same universes at the same time. One is usually the backup to the other so if one takes a dump the other can be used to pick up and continue the show. With this you could always just program different cue lists and pages for additional playbacks and looks.
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