Goto > time doesn't seem to work everytime

Hugovd89Hugovd89 Registered User
When I press and hold my single cue (cuelist) and then press goto>1>time>20 this should work straight away right?

But it doesn,t work on all my cuelists and the command line text (goto>1>time>20) turns blue and my cuelist just go's without fade time. when I record a second cue or change some master playback controll options it works again how is this possible? :confused:


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited June 2011
    Interesting. We've reproduced this here in the lab with 3.1.9 now by recording a single cue cuelist and trying to execute from the directory using your described method and watching it fail until we record a second cue to the stack. This doesn't reproduce on our test builds of v3.2.0 so I pretty certain this will be fixed in our 3.2.0 release. Keep in mind though that our repro is not a loss of timing but rather a failure to execute at all... in any case it does appear to be a single cue cuelist related issue and is likely fixed in the upcoming 3.2.0 software.
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