Fronting of Split Palette Windows

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Hog3PC v3.1.9
USB Programming Wing

'Front Palette Window When Kind Pressed' is Active

I just noticed that when I have multiple versions of a Palette window (i.e. I have split my Beam Palette window so that there are two copies) there is a slightly odd behavior when I press the Beam key on my programming wing.

If both Beam windows are hidden (behind other windows) and I tap the Beam key, only one of the Beam windows fronts immediately. The second time I tap the Beam key the second window fronts.

I assume this is tied to the functionality that allows for tapping the Beam key to alternately select between all of the Beam windows, but it seems like it would make more sense if all of the Beam windows front simultaneously (as do the Color Picker and Gel Picker when you tap Color).

I can not confirm if this behavior is the same on the consoles.



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    Thats for the info.
    I will log this.
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