Server error: deleting palettes

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This has bugged me since Christmas...

I have positions that I would LOVE to get rid of from a Christmas show. However, every time I try to delete certain palettes it gives me a different delete message: "deleting used palettes will replace references with hard values...etc" Insted of just "are you sure you wish to delete?"

Then, as I try to continue from there, I get an error saying "server busy, please try again (in 5 months so i'll say the same thing) (object 24 in array 23)

So, is this operator error, or a bug, or something in setup? Or what?
Help would be much appreciated.

I am running a Road Hog v3.1.1



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    Software 3.1.1 is quite old. There an been many fixes to palette handling since that time. Chances are you'll find that the problem no longer occurs with 3.1.9. If you do still have the problem with 3.1.9, send the showfile into support and they can help get the issue resolved.
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    Thanks Eric. That should get it. Will do.
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