Roadhog Faders replacement & cleaning

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I have two questions regarding the Roadhog faders.

First, is the Roadhog faders the same as the IPC & Wholehog 3 Faders. Part # 25091124 Fader, 60mm.
I may need to replace one soon and do the instructions in the Wholehog 3 manual for cleaning faders apply to the Roadhog as well?
Also, am I able to purchase the fader directly from Highend? or do I have to go through

Thank you.


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    There are two versions of the fader. The newer part number is 90405330EF and will work in any of the Hog3 family consoles. The older 25091124 series part is slightly shorter and can rub if used on a RH or RHFB console.

    The cleaning procedure is the same for all of them. You have to be careful, especially to not damage the brushes, but done properly it can make a crusty old fader feel new.

    The faders are available from High End or any dealer as a service part.
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    Thanks Eric.
    I'll try to clean them. If all else fails I will order a couple with the part number 90405330EF.
    Once again, thank you.

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    Just finished cleaning the faders.
    You're right Eric. Like new again. Thanks for the tip.

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