attach cuelists to playback section

kinglevelkinglevel Registered User
It would be great to attach a cuelist to the playback buttons, thats not on a fader, and lock the playback buttons so it will not change due to the choose buttons.

Or maybe there is already such a feature? i dunno, it would be great


  • jussikamunenjussikamunen Registered User
    edited May 2011
    If you are using HTP fader you dont have any use for go button so this is a way to get a few playback buttons.

    I use macro GL# to trigger a list other than on fader.
    For instance I often have some frontlights etc. locked on template page so these faders stay anyways allways on playback surface no matter what page I´m using -> this means a few usefull playback buttons for haze, colours, positions, gobos...

    With other than HTP masters I find this impossible so in that sence this a limited way to create buttons.

    You can allways trigger lists directly from cuelist directory window also, just turn guard off. This is where extra touchscreens are a nice bonus.
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