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I open this topic, so the topic about midi controller can go about midi controllers.

Who can explain me the macro`s? I`ve read the manual, but i don`t get it.

When i have cuelist 1 with 1 cue, i give it the macro GL1. But then? How can i use it? Typ it on an external keyboard?

And with a midi keyboard, i give note 1 the macro GL1. Is that right?

Some help would be great, cause i really don`t get it :confused:

Thanks all!

Edit: I have now that i give a cue a macro (GL1) and a empty scene also that macro, and that works with firing cue 1. But how can i do it that i have a list with 3 cues, and every time i push the scene the next cue will go?


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    I am not clear on what you want to do or if a Macro is the best way to achieve it, but below is an example of using Macros in the Cuelist window.

    You can make specific chases such as color, dimmer, iris, etc. that only include values for the specific parameters in the chase, leaving all other parameters transparent.

    You can then access these from your main cuelist and apply them to different cues to get different looks. You can apply the same chase to many different colored cues etc. for example, while only having to make the chase portion one time.

    You can have a flyout to the audience in white and then play it form a blue cue one time and later a red cue, creating the flyout one time.

    In the Macro column of the Cuelist Window you will select GL for Go List or GM for Go Master and add the List or Master number. GL3 will play Cuelsit 3, GM5 will play Fader 5.
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