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So I am a soon-to-be new owner/operator of a Hog 3PC lighting console package and I am curious what I should charge for my package. I know that you may not want to post the answer to this out in the open, so feel free to email me your thoughts.

I am planning to buy a Hog 3PC setup this summer. And I have heard very different things as far as what I should charge for the package. It will include the pc, programming and playback wings, a super widget, 2 touch screens, large format printer, wireless router, and battery backup.

What I have heard is that I would charge about $500/day for commercials and music videos and about $800 a week for tv shows.

I have also heard that if I sub-rent it through a vendor, I am at the mercy of what they charge for the console they would supply. (Expression or Ion.)

Can anyone give some advice as to what level I should be charging at in the Los Angeles market?



  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
    edited May 2011
    If you are buying all that,
    I would probably pass on the PC Setup, and go with a Road hog.
    Much easier to setup, and not much more expensive.
    It also will have far less customer service issues.

    And your $500 a day isn't terrible, perhaps a bit on the low side for a road hog, depending on your market.
    But it may be a bit high for a PC setup. (even for LA)

    of course YMMV

    Joshua Wood
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