Hog iPC desklights won't turn white

xp677xp677 Registered User
Hi, I have a Hog iPC with a USB playback wing. The desklights on the iPC won't work on the 'white' setting, but work fine on blue. The desklight on the USB wing works prefectly in white or blue. The desk lights themselves are fine (I swapped them to the USB wing and they work fine on there) so it's most likely an issue within the iPC itself.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? And if so, does anyone know how to get the desklights working in white?

This console is from 2006 and I've only been using it for a week so I have no idea if the desklights originally worked in white.



  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited May 2011
    Hello, the problem is going to be on the front panel PCB more than likely but it could be a number of things. It may even be the sockets/cables may have a bad connection on one of the conductors. It may need to be sent in for repair.
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