USB playback wing Vs. RoadHog Wing?

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First off I would like to make it clear that in any way I'm not trying to be an ass. Just looking for the why's?

I'm a 1 year plus 3 months in to my very first Hog and loving it. New Roadhog to be exact and I'm finding that I need more handles. (Faders). We run a 600 plus live room and busk for the most part. I have started to look online and talk to our local dealer and the USB playback wing is exactly what I need. The going price is $4,419.00new. Thisis where I get confused. The RoadHog Playback wing is $4,608.00 and it comes with a 12" ELO touch screen ($560) and a matching hard shell to the RoadHog/Full Boar design. A $189 difference!?! This seems to be the norm as I have shopped around.
We have two other Venue's I would love to outfit with a Hog and adding up the cost of a $15,000CND Roadhog plus a $4,419+ wing just doesn't add up in a small 500/700+ room budget.
The past 12 touring LD's have walked in with a $6,000+ Chamsys MagicQ maxi PC wing plus a $1,200 Extra Wing and I have to say I am very impressed. Add a touch screen and a PC and you are sitting about $8,500 all said and done. The OS is very similar to Hog as I hear the developers designed the Hog 2 platform.
Don't get me wrong. I love my Hog. I wouldn't change a thing. Just the competitive edge a bit. I just wish I could see where the $4,419.00 is invested in the USB playback wing. Half that price and I think it makes sense in 2011.

Guess I'm just bitter and bummed that I can't get one.


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    The build quality of the wings is much higher than the MagicQ wings, in my personal opinion. Rounded, milled edges compared to a basic aluminum box. Milled aluminum encoder wheels instead of basic plastic knobs. The list goes on.

    The biggest difference is the anodized aluminum on the USB wing is quite expensive as compared to the Roadhog Wing.

    Now, that being said, you can generally find "used" playback wings for around $2000-2500. That's where I buy my wings.,,,, etc. all generally get wings regularly.

    You can also look on the forum page here for used stuff. People are always selling. There is a dedicated forum for it too.
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    Thanks for the tip Jon. seems to have a few. Have you or has anyone ever made a purchase from them. I'm in BC so a west coast US store is a plus.
    Thanks again.
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    I've actually bought quite a number of items from Lightbroker. It's the guys from T2K.

    VERY happy with the equipment and the services!
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    I have bought a lot of used equipment from the gang at Lightbroker. I have NEVER been disappointed with what they provided. Great group to deal with. Same goes for gearsource. They don't seem to have as much HOG stuff as Lightbroker - at least it has been that way for the last couple of years.

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    I am a little disappointed with Lightbroker because the website is pretty much useless. You go and check their latest arrivals page and find lists dated back to 2004 (and earlier in some spots)... And the one time I actually called about a piece of gear (a Martin Atomic) listed (with a pic) on their website I was informed it had been sold -months- ago with a matter-of-fact tone that implied I should actually know this sort of thing.

    I'm going to try again this coming week since I need a Hog Programming Wing (and they show several). I'm hoping for a better experience...
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    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for the info.
    Please keep me up to date with your purchase and how it turns out.

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