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My first time doing MSC control over another console from hog. I read and re-read the manual and must be missing something. I can get List 1 on my IPC to control AB fader on my express and it follows the cues fine. I programmed the hog so that I have a master list, and when needed it triggers list 1 on the hog with is sending msc to the express. The problem I am running into is that when we jump ques, or back track in rehearsals the master cue list only sends a go command to the list 1, which means it only works forward unless I goto list 1 and jump to a different cue. I would love to be to have 1 list that fires the right cue (either tells list 1 what cue to be in, or sends the right cue to the express). I can not find a command in hog that fires a specific cue in another list on the hog. I also tried the MSC commands I in the manuals with no luck. This is the code I tried to put in the macro section of the cue:
msh2 / fo 7f 42 02 01 01 31 00 31 00 f7 (this should tell console 2 to run cue 1)

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    Use the "GL" macro in your cuelist.

    Lets say you want cue 10 on the master cuelist to run cue 21 on list 1 (for the Express). Add a "GL1/21" to the "Macros" of cue 10 on the master cuelist. You can do this for as many cues as you want.
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    Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
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    I spent many quality hours in front of an Express/Expression in years gone by. Great little consoles for doing conventionals.
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