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Hey all,

I've done festivals, and Ive carried Hogs on tour, but I have a couple of months coming up where we'll be doing one offs and festivals intermixed.

Il probably have some led pars elation impressions and a road hog full boar.

Basically Im wondering what the best way to make a great show for my client at festivals. I understand that some festivals will be different and some may not be using HOG.

Assuming I carry a small package (some elations and LED PARs) that is set up for super fast change overs.

What, of the below, is practical or common:

1. Getting the stage plot and address sheet ahead of time and cloning fixtures and patching ahead of time? (making positions would take forever with larger stages that have 30 movers). I would need a spare DMX line to FOH then too.

2. merging my show with the festivals show on the festival console? just record their positions and colors into my pallets and (but then my playbacks wouldn't have the festivals fixtures in them.

Or is it a combination or am I way off?



  • SanderLSanderL Registered User
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    Why not using the festivaldesk for the festival rig, and do your own lighting at your own hog?
  • DrEadDrEad Registered User
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    A few comments about doing festivals from a lighting system engineer, band operator, festival operator... And, not all are relevant to all festivals!

    If you are the headline act
    Try to advance with the festival lighting crew chief as much as possible.
    If you can accomodate some of the things that make the lighting crew life harder or easier they will go the extra mile for you when you need it.
    Get the patch sorted out by email and do whatever programming you can before you arrive.
    Bring your console and plug it in for the show. This is usually better than trying to load & save shows and the festival operator will be able to do some blind programming so you will end up with more programming time.
    Make sure the festival lighting crew know about the fixtures you are carrying and that you are bringing a console before you arrive.
    A simple light plot for your fixtures, with fixture list, dmx addresses, power consumption and power connector type. Have a few printed copies ready to give the festival lighting crew.

    If you aren't the headline act...
    Not much point trying to patch the entire system to your console.
    You will give the lighting crew a headache that means they aren't likely to be very helpful. This will be crucial to getting them to help patch in your fixtures you are carrying!
    An accidental misspatch could mean you don't have the whole rig working for you.
    You won't get time to program much, if anything.
    Use your own console for your fixtures. Much easier than the lighting crew trying to find addresses and patch into their own universes, which may be getting full due to lots of LED etc.
    The festival light operator will have some useable stuff in the house console, at least pallettes & a few position focuses. Be friendly as hell to him/her and they might show you the few funky things they have programmed that they'll let you use!
    Most festivals will have a couple of spare dmx lines to FOH, which you can use to patch your own console to the fixtures you are carrying.
    Use your own fixtures to make your show stand out, and to make it worthwhile carrying your console to FOH, and make the festival lighting crew think it was worth helping you!
    A simple light plot for your fixtures, with fixture list, dmx address, power consumption and power connector type. Have a few printed copies ready to give the festival lighting crew.
    Use standardised power and dmx connectors.
    Keep your fixtures to a single universe where possible. Carry a dmx splitter if it makes more sense for laying cables.
    It can be worth carrying your own dmx & power cables, especially for smaller festival sites. But... make them easily recogniseable as yours. A little bit of colored tape on both ends. Same on every cable!
  • renomorenomo Registered User
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    Thanks so much Craig for the info!

    We wont be headlining most festivals so just to be clear you're saying t use 2 consoles? Theirs for their fixtures and mine for mine?
  • DrEadDrEad Registered User
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    Hi Reno,
    Yes, festival console for festival rig, your console for the fixtures you are carrying.

  • mwrutlandmwrutland Registered User
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    depending on your situation it might be beneificial to you to program your show using XYZ coordinates. if you have a tour package that stays the same and you have time to pre program a show, programming your enitre show with XYZ makes it so at the show you focus all your lights to the 4 main points of the stage. USR USL DSR DSL. so no matter what size stage your on the desk will automatically adjust your show. this is a super fast focus. this will enable you to have more time to program the festival rig. I have not done a show yet where i couldnt get a patch and plot sheet ahead of time. at that point take your festival rig and come up with a few positions and color palletes that fit your show and then merge them into your show. use your fixtures for the majority of your "BANG" and fill in with the festival rig. its always good to have some festival flash and trash as well. all of this easy to do with FX engine. just remember to save your main show seperatly from each different festival. otherwise it gets cluttered. the good news is that in our industry most lights in festivals are pretty much standards, a few festivals in you will have pretty much used the majority of the most popular lights. then when you get a new festival with similar lights then you just merge 2 shows together. i hope this helps.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    mwrutland wrote: »
    ....XYZ coordinates...

    FYI - XYZ is currently not available as a feature in Hog-3 software.
    It was in the old H2 platform, but never implemented in H3.

    Hope this helps. :)
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