USB to MIDI Interface Recommendations and Questions

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I'm interested in running shows with MIDI Timecode. Before I go and buy a USB to MIDI interface(s) I thought I better double check to insure all will work fine.

I plan to use my Mac to send MTC from Logic Express to either a Hog3PC computer or a Road Hog Full Boar console for larger shows. Since the Hog3PC computer doesn't have a MIDI IN port it will require two USB interfaces, is this correct?. This is my plan for connecting the Mac to the Hog3PC computer via two interfaces: USB out from Mac -> MIDI Out on Mac Interface -> MIDI Female to Female DIN Connector -> MIDI IN on Hog3PC Interface -> USB in on Hog3PC.

I am looking at purchasing the E-MU XMIDI 1x1 Tab USB interface, will this work fine? I chose this over the recommended M-Audio Uno interface as I can get the E-MU for a better price locally.

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    If you are using several computers you will need one interface per computer.
    FYI the UNO is the only interface that works with the RoadHog, so if you will ever use your interfaces with a RoadHog it might be best to buy the M-Audio UNO.

    Hope it works out, MTC is a great tool. Be sure to check out the Macro possibilities in the Cuelists and the relatively new midi note in functionality
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    Hi Abbe,

    Thanks for your reply, it was very helpful!

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