Removing Network Drive

RobbieGRobbieG Registered User
Is it possible to remove (or un-map) a network drive without it being connected to the system?

Whilst browsing the console keeps searching for a previously connected computer that it no longer has access to.
I know that the search can be cancelled but it would be better if it didn't do it all.



  • kphogankphogan Registered User
    edited April 2011
    Hi Rob-
    You can remove it by following the steps like you are creating a backup ("Setup">"Shows">"Backup"). In the window that pops up with your drives, it will probably show that network drive with a red "X". You should be able to right-click the drive and select "Remove". That will get rid of it.
    Good luck,
  • RobbieGRobbieG Registered User
    edited April 2011
    Thanks Kevin.

    unfortunately if the network drive is not connected to the console then the button with the red X is greyed out and un-clickable.
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