RoadHog Screens goes black sometimes

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Hello everyone
Sorry for my english:)

In the beginnings:
I have RoadHog desk at one of my venues
Without wings.

I have a strange problem with my desk. After launching it touchscreens doesn't work. They doesn't show any pictures...

Some history:
When the desk was came to me(it was a year ago, may be some more) and i started to create show, i was found a strange thing:
After the turning on the desk screens always show the message about to check videocable(a saw it on the same desks) then running the launch procedures, but after this message touchscreens went black and never show anything. Only reset by power...
But sound was like it was finished the launch procedure and stopped at the "New,Brows show" window. So, after launch a desk i was got black not responsible screens. After the few switching on/off power, screens was came to normal job.
After two weeks of concerts this problem was gone. I was forgot about it. Sometimes desk was stuck, but it wasn't a criminal.

A month ago the new lampie was came to the venue and started to look around. He doesn't know Hog so i was tell him a rules.
And this problem with the screens was visited us again. When he came to launch the show touchcsreen went black.

A was installed a 3.19(works fine), i was tried to launch without Lamps, keyboard, DMX.
Same thing: Sometimes i have the black screen situation:)

I got some ideas about it:
- incorrect commands, pallets or cues
- Screens was show the picture when the DMX lines was unplugged. DMX?
- This is a strange situation, so i thought about the connection between the desk and operator. :) spiritual of something like this:)
(if this idea was wright all will be good soon again:))

I have a few stupid questions:

- Can incorrect commands, pallets, cues, merging make any influence for inner device functions(screens and etc)?

- Can something else(like DMX line, lamps and keyboard) do the same things?

- Is console so sensitive for any mistakes of programming?

- Has someone seen this in his practic?

- Can frequinces or some devices near the desk to call incorrect behavior?
(I was got the situation like in the topic in a coulpe pages ago about the stucking desk and walkie-talkie)
The desk stucked after band's lampie started to talk. Console was stucked three times after this(show starting moment:)) After our fourth try, show was started and was going till the end by the numbers. But he was gave walkie-talkie for me.
Very strange stuff

I can send any information about my desk or show.

May be i was done somethig wrong when programmed a show at the fist time. I'm just a lampie, not an engineer.

Please tell me how to make my desk to do all things wright. i's just interest.

May be it's professional illness, but i thinks about the desks and fixtures are living near us like live beings. Sometimes they comes in the bad mood and events transforms to nervious action. They can stuck or change their behaviour when the other operator was came and set in front of them.
They alive:)

I saw sometimes when band's lampies was placed the totems or family fotos near the desk before the lighting.
I think it's time to found my own totem:)

Thank you, best regards and have a good lighting!!!!



  • Abbe RPM Digital LightingAbbe RPM Digital Lighting Registered User
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    Dear Dimitry,

    Thanks for a very lively and sincere mail. You seem to have had a rough start.

    This kind of behavior is certainly NOT normal, even if the desk is in "Bad Mood" ;)

    If i understand you right the problem is only whenever you are starting the desk?

    Typical sequence is:
    - Right screen show HIGHEND SYSTEMS bios in black and yellow
    - Right screen show Flying Pig Systems, RoadHog, Fullboar in blue
    After a longer brake, where both screens are black
    Pig Animation on both Screens
    - Both screens with back ground Flying Pig Systems, RoadHog, Fullboar in blue and The Software version, ip adress in a window to the left and the Launch New Show, Browse etc in the right.

    It CAN take a long time, if the IP adress of the desk is not set to a fixed one.

    Nothing of this can be affected by bad programming.

    A faulty Connector, Lamp or keyboard SHOULD not affect the desk start, but we have seen rare occasions where they have.

    I suspect that a connector or graphicscard have shifted in the shipping from US to Germany to Russia.
    If your desk is under warranty, you should contact your supplier, SIM? Then ask them to help you.

    Good luck
  • AndreAndre Registered User
    edited April 2011
    Hi Dimitry,
    I agree with Abbe, you should check the grafics card and also try a reseat of the RAM modules.
    If the problem occurs again, we need to investigate any further.
    With best regards
    Andre Krause
    Arcus GmbH
  • amigo604amigo604 Registered User
    edited April 2011
    Hello again
    I hope i was found a problem with screens:) All i was need is a screwdriver and flashlight
    It was a videocard has a bad connection with the motherboard. That's why the screens didn't work and the desk was gone stuck sometimes.

    Today it was an event where this console was worked and all was gone fine:)
    Bad connection:)

    Thanx a lot

    I was found a totem for the lucky lamping:)

    Nice lighting!!!

    Best regards
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